About Us

At Art Associates, we are dedicated to helping you enhance your work and living spaces, with attractive and engaging original Australian artworks.

Our friendly service and impressive resources enrich the environs of corporate, hospitality, healthcare and residential domains for you and your associates.

By choosing to work with Art Associates, businesses and individuals have helped support Australian Art. Each of our artists receive 50% of the leasing fee.

Call us for a cordial chat about your needs and our resources. You can also drop by our gallery to view our latest featured artist!

Our Services

  • Leasing and sales to corporate, residential, real estate, medical and hospitality markets
  • Provision of an extensive range of works of art in different media including paintings, sculpture, glass, original works on paper and reproduction prints.
  • Sourcing new work to meet our clients’ needs
  • A full consultancy service including detailed quotes, delivery and installation
  • The option to lease, purchase, or lease–to–own contracts
  • Short or long term leases
  • These services apply to installations of all sizes — 1 to 100 works
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